What’s a Highlander?

My friend Eric called me and told me I should audition for a project he is working on. Well, I was very busy and stressed, so I really didn’t have time to prepare. It was my first ever audition that I showed up in sweats, after my work.  I asked the director, “Do you want me to change ?” and he said it was up to me.
I was too tired to think.
I decided not to change and figured that whatever happens is mean to be. The day after, I got a call – they loved me and I got the part!
The funny thing is that I had  no clue what Highlander was. I actually had  to Google and apparently it was a popular show in 80’s –  and now they are doing extra fan-based episodes for the Blue Ray release. I play a Seattle detective (which is so not me), I guess I got into it and pulled it off, and of course I got killed by the end by my wonderful boyfriend that I loved so much.
It a dream part – I wish i have more parts like that, the most important I had a great, fun time.
I am so grateful to Eric for asking me to be part of this project.


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