What a Ride!

Last year was like a roller coaster ride – acting, dancing, traveling, and PRODUCING. Really, I would never think I will get in to that,but after being on a set for so long I thought I can do much better. Well, I have run a business for 17 years, so producing is just like business to me, so I produce short film, future film, short film and a future film again, the craziest I am in a middle of producing more and I absolutely love it! So far:

  • Tonight’s Special
  • Easter Weekend
  • Bobby Ellis is going to kick your ass (as extra casting and coordinator)
  • Hotel Entente
  • DiMa (my future project)

It is like a new chapter in my life, but the best of all is that I am learning every aspect of film and every side of it and I love it all!

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