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Tonight’s Special turns 1!

My movie, Tonight’s Special has had a  great year! we filmed it one year ago, and made a great group of friends on the way. It turned out to be a fantastic adventure, and turned into a funny, wonderful film. We were accepted and shown in Three film festivals, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Angelica, […]

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Edmonds International Film Festival Thoughts

I got a chance to work for the first Edmonds International Film Festival. This was the first time working as an interviewer. I felt connected and people were responsive to my questions. I was worried about my accent at first, but everyone had a great time talking with me and it all looked great on […]

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Long Time No See…

When you get busy the website updates are the first to get neglected… Well it has been a crazy summer, I have been acing in several big projects, One of which was my own! I have been in the production of Jesus 4 Less, a comedy shooting down in Tacoma. I also did a short […]

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