Shooting in the Snow

I had a great chance to work on a film called “Zinka” this year. It is a short film, all done in Russian about a Soviet nurse during WWII. It ...

My film, Tonight’s Special is online!

Well, we have finished all our festival work some time ago, so we finally have posted our short comedy film, Tonight’s Special, online to Vimeo so everyone can check it ...

What’s a Highlander?

My friend Eric called me and told me I should audition for a project he is working on. Well, I was very busy and stressed, so I really didn’t have time ...

Video Spotlight

Yulia’s Demo Reel

This is my updated Demo Reel. It contains clips from the following ...

Double for The Killing

One of my favorite projects this year was being a body/driving double ...

Edmonds Film Festival

Here’s the first of my interviews from the EIFF. And interviewing Rick ...

Recent Posts

On Set for “21 and Over”

It was exciting to be part of “21 and Over”‘ a new movie filmed in Seattle by the Producers of The Hangover. I got to play a nurse who carrys pills and urine samples! LOL! I was there to check the students in to the doctors office. It was fun to be on a set […]

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What a Ride!

Last year was like a roller coaster ride – acting, dancing, traveling, and PRODUCING. Really, I would never think I will get in to that,but after being on a set for so long I thought I can do much better. Well, I have run a business for 17 years, so producing is just like business to […]

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You’ve got mail!

Recently, my agent sent me very basic email – You’ve been selected! So I am thinking, “wow great!” Agent: …for a sport club commercial –  call time 6 am – the address … It was the Pro Club. LOL! How can life be so funny? I am filming a commercial for a club that I […]

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Tonight’s Special turns 1!

My movie, Tonight’s Special has had a  great year! we filmed it one year ago, and made a great group of friends on the way. It turned out to be a fantastic adventure, and turned into a funny, wonderful film. We were accepted and shown in Three film festivals, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Angelica, […]

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Edmonds International Film Festival Thoughts

I got a chance to work for the first Edmonds International Film Festival. This was the first time working as an interviewer. I felt connected and people were responsive to my questions. I was worried about my accent at first, but everyone had a great time talking with me and it all looked great on […]

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Long Time No See…

When you get busy the website updates are the first to get neglected… Well it has been a crazy summer, I have been acing in several big projects, One of which was my own! I have been in the production of Jesus 4 Less, a comedy shooting down in Tacoma. I also did a short […]

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Night Still Young

This video with Shan Coleman turned out great! and it was so fun to make, but a bit cold out to dance for so long. They sure made it look warm though! Check behind the scenes too!

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An Actress’s Life

As part of the Spaceship Terror promotions Harry had us film little clips of ourselves to show what we are like as people behind the scenes. This is actually my first time using a camera on myself, but I really liked it! My next one will be even better (I also started playing with editing […]

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Japanese Film in Seattle

I got called onto the coolest project this weekend! My character 1919 Russian widow who just immigrated to Seattle. This was part of a Japanese miniseries. Most everyone acted in Japanese, and I got to speak Russian. From their website: The following news post from TOKYOGRAPH: Kusanagi stars in TBS miniseries “Japanese Americans” This autumn, […]

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Ford Fiesta Commercial

I had so much fun filming this funny comedy. I was a mother of a little girl who organize a Birthday party with a clown, but things did not go exactly right… This is a web and Tv based commercial for the new Ford Fiesta 2012. The car was really cute!

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