Long Time No See…

When you get busy the website updates are the first to get neglected…

Well it has been a crazy summer, I have been acing in several big projects, One of which was my own! I have been in the production of Jesus 4 Less, a comedy shooting down in Tacoma. I also did a short comedy called Static by Team Awesome. I was also an Extra in Judas Kiss, shooting at the University of Washington.

I got my first try at the production side of the business by producing my own short film called Late Date. I got Tim Watkins to direct, then worked with him on the production of his new film Easter Weekend. Late Date was a pretty easy 2 day shoot, but Easter Weekend was 5 days camping out in Eastern Washington, a real experience!

Both films are in the can now, I can’t wait to see the rough cuts.

Shapeimage 2

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